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The Aviation Gallery - Frankfurt Rhein Main (FRA/EDDF)


Frankfurt / EDDF ist Germanys largest airport and gateway to the world. In 2019, more than 70 million passengers travelled from here. Frankfurt is known to be the homebase of German Star Alliance Carrier Lufthansa, which operates by far most flights out of here. You can spot types like B747-400/-8; A330/A340, MD11F and A320 Series. The second homecarrier is Condor, a german leisure Carrier with a fleet of A320/321, 753 and 763 Series. Detailled information about spotting locations can be found at SpotterguideLive Departures and Arrivals can be found here.


Map - © Spotterguide

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Boeing 747-400


Former Backbone of Lufthansas intercontinental long haul fleet. Consisted of up to 31 aircraft. Between 371 and 393 Seats, depending on configuration. The whole 747 Fleet is based in Frankfurt.

Destinations:  E.g. Mumbai, Orlando, Osaka, Rio de Janeiro, Seoul, Shanghai, Teheran, Toronto, Vancouver

Airbus A319/320/321


Backbone of Lufthansas short and medium haul fleet. Consist of:

  • Airbus A319-100

  • Airbus A320-200 

  • Airbus A320 Neo

  • Airbus A321-100/200

  • Airbus A321 Neo

Destinations: Various national and international city pairs. E.g. Hamburg, Berlin, Munich, London, Paris, Moscow, Barcelona, Madrid, Rome, Milan, Athens, Thessaloniki

McDonnell Douglas MD11-F

Lufthansa Cargo

Former Backbone of Lufthansas Cargo fleet. To be replaced by Boeing 77F freighters. Lufthansa had up to 19 aircraft in its fleet.

Destinations: New York, Chicago, Cairo, Tel Aviv, Dallas, Dakar, Atlanta, Mumbai

Airbus A380-800


Known as the worlds largest airliner. Lufthansa had a fleet of 14 A380, the first was delivered in 2010, the last in 2015. All of them were retired early in 2020/2021 due to the corona pandemic. There will be no return. All aircraft were equipped with 509 seats. 

Popular Lufthansa A380 Destinations have been: New York JFK, Miami, Houston, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Peking, Shanghai, Hong Kong, New Dehli, Singapore and Johannesburg.

Boeing 747-8 Intercontinental


The 747-8 Intercontinental is the latest Version of Boeings Jumbo. Lufthansa is one of only three operators of this jet in a passenger version. All 19 aircraft are equipped with 364 Seats. They are flying to premium-heavy markets like: Bangalore, Boston, Buenos Aires, Chicago, Mexico City, Los Angeles, New York JFK, Sao Paolo, Tokyo and Washington DC.

Boeing 737-300/500 Classic


Former Backbone of Lufthansas short and medium haul fleet. Phrased out in 2016. 

Lufthansa has flown 46 737-300s and 33 737-500s. All of them were based in Frankfurt. The 737 Fleet has flown national and international services, premiarly to Destinations like Nurnberg, Stuttgart, Milan, Marseille or Nice.

Airbus A330/A340


Backbone of Lufthansas short and medium haul fleet. Consists of:

  • Airbus A330-300

  • Airbus A340-300 

  • Airbus A340-600


Destinations: Various intercontinental city pairs. E.g. Austin, Seattle, San Diego,  Tampa, Caracas, Montreal,  Atlanta, Chennai, Nanjing, Lagos, Nagoya, Dubai, Tokyo Narita

Embraer E-Jet & Bombardier CRJ

Lufthansa City Line

Lufthansa Cityline operates routes with lower demand on behalf of Lufthansa. They are served by following Bombardier and Embraer Regional Jets:

  • Bombardier CRJ700 (Phrased out)

  • Bombardier CRJ900

  • Embraer E190

  • Embraer E195

CityLine Destinations are: Friedrichshafen, Parderborn, Dresden, Westerland, London City, Gdansk, Linz, Salzburg, Graz, Kattowice and more

Boeing 777-200F

Lufthansa Cargo

Backbone of Lufthansas Cargo fleet, replaces McDonnell Douglas MD11-F freighters.

Destinations: New York, Chicago, Cairo, Tel Aviv, Dallas, Dakar, Atlanta, Mumbai, Hong Kong, Tokyo


Boeing 767-300ER Condor

German Leisure Carrier, based in Frankfurt. 

Former part of Lufthansa, later Thomas Cook. 

Operates a mixed fleet of:

  • Boeing 767-300ER

  • Boeing 757-300

  • Airbus A321-200 Ceo

  • Airbus A320-200 Ceo

Boeing 767 Destinations: Havanna, Cancun, Calgary, Halifax, Toronto, Windhoek, Sansibar, Male, Fortaleza, Varadero, Punta Cana, Puerto Plata, Kingston, Las Vegas, Phuket ...

Boeing 757-300


The Boeing 757-300 is the longest narrowbody airliner on the market. In Condors configuration, they feature up to 262 economy class seats. The 757-300 can be found on popular holliday destinations around Europe and Northern Africa like Palma de Mallorca, Teneriffe, Lanzarote, Gran Canaria, Heraklion, Antalya etc.

Airbus A320/A321


Condor uses 180-seater A320s and 220-seater A321s to serve various holliday destinations around europe and northern africa. 


Boeing 737-800


German Leisure Carrier, based in Hannover. 

Frankfurt is a focus city of Tuifly. Flights are operated by 189-seater Boeing 737-800 aircraft.

Some are painted in special liveries (E.g, Cewe, Haribo ...) Destinations: Multiple European holliday destinations. 


Boeing 737-800

Sun Express

Sun Express is a joint venture between Lufthansa and Turkish Airlines. Main markets are visiting friends & family and leisure travel. Frankfurt is a focus city of Sun Express Germany. Besides some holiday destinations, mainly mainland Turkey is served by 189 seater Boeing 737-800 aircraft.


Boeing 737-800 BBJ

Privat Air

Privat Air was a Swiss charter airline and operated nonstop flights from Frankfurt to Pune, India on behalf of Lufthansa. (Due to a very short runway, Pune cannot be served by widebody jets). All Privatair 737 BBJ aircraft were equipped with a long haul configuration (Lufthansa Business Class & Inflight Entertainment in Economy Class). 


Boeing 777-F

Aero Logic

Aero Logic is a joint venture between Lufthansa and logistic company DHL. The Airline has a growing fleet of Boeing 777 freighters and focus cities in Frankfurt and Leipzig. Weekdays, mainly parcels and freight are flown, on weekends parts of the fleet are used for Lufthansa Cargo freight charters.




Airbus A320/A321

Air Berlin

Air Berlin was Germanys second largest airline until the company went bankrupt in 2007. From Frankfurt, Air Berlin operated summer seasonal holliday flights (E.g. Palma de Mallorca) as well as multiple daily national services into its hub Berlin Tegel.


Airbus A300-600F

DHL European Air Transport 

Fully owned subsidary of of german logistic and parcel company Deutsche Post/DHL. DHL operates a large freight hub in Leipzig Halle. Multiple inner-german and inner-european freight services are served from there with a fleet of Airbus A300 and Boeing 757 cargo aircraft. 


North America & Canada

North America 


Air Canada

Star Alliance Member Air Canada is the Flagcarrier and the largest airline of Canada. The Company is a Lufthansa partner and operates nonstop flights from Frankfurt to the following Canadian destinations: 

  • Montreal

  • Ottowa

  • Calgary

  • Toronto

  • Vancouver


American Airlines

Oneworld member American Airlines is the largest airline of the United States of America. 

The company counts a fleet of more than 800 aircraft and carries more than 200 million passengers annualy. From Frankfurt, AA operates following nonstop services to the United States:

  • Chicago

  • Dallas Fort Worth

  • Charlotte


United Airlines

Luthansa partner and Star Alliance member United is one of the big three US Airlines ( American, Delta, United). The United fleet also counts more than 800 airframes, more than 160 million passengers fly with this company annually. United connects Frankfurt with:


  • New York Newark EWR

  • San Francisco

  • Los Angeles

  • Houston

  • Washington DC 

  • Chicago

  • Boston  

South America

North America 


Latam Airlines

Latam is the largest pan-south american airline group with subsidaries in Chile, Brazil, Columbia, Equador and Peru. All together the group operates more than 300 aircraft. From Frankfurt, LATAM operates following nonstop services:

  • Sao Paolo (LATAM Brasil / B773)

  • Santiago de Chile (B787, partly with stopover in Madrid)


North America 


Thai Airways

Thai Airways is the national airline of the Kingdom of Thailand. The Star Alliance carrier is well known for its high level of service and comfort. In cooperation with Lufthansa, Thai operates up to two daily services to Bangkok, Thailands capital, as well as a seasonal service to Phuket.


All Nippon Airways

ANA All Nippon Airways is - alongside with JAL Japan Airlines - the largest Japanese airline. The Skytrax 5 Star carrier provides a high level of service and comfort. Nonstop Services from Frankfurt:

  • Tokyo Narita (NRT)

  • Tokyo Haneda (HND)


Korean Airlines

Skyteam member Korean Air is South Koreas flag carrier and second largest airline. It is a Skytrax 5 Star Carrier and operates a daily passenger service from Frankfurt to South Koreas capital Seoul. Next to passenger services, Korean Air also maintains several scheduled cargo flights.


Asiana Airlines

Star Alliance member Asiana was South Koreas second largest airline and a direct competitor to Korean Air, until it was taken over in 2020. Like Korean, Asiana is also a Skytrax 5 Star Carrier and provides a high comfort level. The Lufthansa partner operates a daily nonstop passenger service from Frankfurt to Seoul.


Vietnam Airlines

Skyteam member Vietnam Airlines is Vietnams flag carrier. Today, the Boeing 777 has been replaced by Airbus A350 and Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner aircraft. From Frankfurt, Vietnam Airlines offers direct services to Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh.


Cathay Pacific

Cathay Pacific is a Skytrax 5 Star airline, based in Hong Kong. It is one of the world´s best airlines and a member of oneworld alliance.

More than 3 million passengers are travelling with Cathay Pacific and Cathay Dragon (services to mainland China) every month.

From Frankfurt, Cathay operates daily flights to Hong Kong.


Air China

National airline of the Repuplic China, based in Bejing. Operates a fleet of more than 400 aircraft. Star Alliance member and Lufthansa partner. Operates a direct service from Frankfurt to Bejing and Shanghai.


China Eastern Airlines

Chinese airline, based in Shanghai. Operates a fleet of more than 550 aircraft. Skyteam member. From Frankfurt, you can fly to Shanghai Pudong (PVG) with China Eastern airlines directly.


China Southern Airlines

China Southern Airlines is Asias largest airline, based in Guangzhou. More than 123 million passengers are travelling in one of more than 600 China Southern aircraft anually. Direct routes to Frankfurt:

  • Guangzhou

  • Changsha


Malaysia Airlines

Malaysia Airlines is Malaysias flag carrier. 

In the past, the airline operated a nonstop passenger service from FRA to Kuala Lumpor. 

This service was terminated in late 2015, due to a difficult financial situation and a passenger regression after two aircraft losses (MH370 & MH17). Nowadays the airline only operates cargo services to Frankfurt.

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Turkmenistan Airlines

State Carrier of Turkmenistan. 

Next to 12 Boeing 737-800s, the airline operates a small fleet of 3 Boeing 757-200s and 4 Boeing 777-200LRs for middle and long haul services. Frankfurt is regularly connected with a Boeing 777 service to Asgabat, Turkmenistans capital. 


Somon Air

Somon Air is a small privateley owned airline, based in Dushanbe - Tajikistans capital.

The airline only operates a small fleet of:

  • 2 Boeing 737-300

  • 2 Boeing 737-800

  • 2 Boeing 737-900ER

International Destination are:

  • Dushanbe - Frankfurt

  • Dushanbe - Dubai, Moscow, Istanbul, Dehli, Almatay

Africa & Middle East


Air Namibia

State owned Air Namibia was the national airline of Namibia. The company operated a small fleet of Embraer ERJ135s, Airbus A319s and two Airbus A330-200 long haul jets out of Windhoek. Frankfurt was Air Namibias last remaining long haul route. The company lost money year after year and employed more people than it needed. Often corruption and nepotism dominated news about the airline. In 2020 Air Namibia was closed down for good as a reason of Corona pandemic.

North America 


South African Airways

Once, state owned South African Airways was amongst the best and largest airlines on the african continent. Today, Ethiopian Airlines takes over this leadership role. SAA has suffered a lot of losses and is temporary grounded since 2020. It is unclear, if the airline will return to the skies once again. In the past, SAA operated daily Frankfurt - Johannesburg nonstop services.


Ethiopian Airlines

Ethiopian is Africas largest airline. The company operates a hub in Addis Abeba, Ethiopias capital. In comparison to other African  carriers, Ethiopian operates a very modern long haul fleet of:


  • Boeing 787-8/9 Dreamliners 

  • Boeing 777-200LR/300ERs

  • Airbus A350-900s

Frankfurt is connected with a daily Addis Abeba service.



Emirates, based in Dubai (VAE) is one of the worlds largest long haul airlines. The company is also known as "the superjumbo airline", as it only operates widebody aircraft and the worlds largest Airbus A380 fleet. All Emirates aircraft feature a very premium onboard product with generous legspace and an award winning inflight entertainment system. Some A380 aircraft are even equipped with a shower in first class. From Frankfurt, Emirates operates up to three daily services to Dubai. Two of them are operated by Airbus A380s, one is operated by a Boeing 777-300ER.


Etihad Airways

Etihad is the "small brother" of Emirates and connects Abu Dhabi to the world. In the past, the airline was also known for its great service. Unfortunateley this high service level has been reduced drastically because of great financial losses in connection with a failed hunter strategy. Ethiad wanted to expand its network by buying nonprofitable airlines like Alitalia, Air Berlin and Jet Airways. As of today, all three of them went bankrupt. Unfortunately today Etihad is no Skytrax 5 Star Carrier anymore and the golden shine is gone. Neverteless, the airline still operates a large route network and a premium first class product called "the suite". From Frankfurt, Ethiad departs to destination Abu Dhabi two times a day.


Qatar Airways

Onewold member Qatar Airways is the third of the "big middle eastern three" carriers. The Doha based airline is certified with 5 Skytrax Stars and known for its great service and - especially for its business class product called Qsuites. These are the first business class seats which are true suites. Every seat has a direct aisle access, can be moved into a full-flat bed and is covered completely by dividers & a closable door. In terms of privacy, Qatars Qsuites are a new benchmark for the aviation industry. From Frankfurt, Qatar offers two daily flights to Doha. 


Kuwait Airways

State owned national airline of Kuwait. Operates flights out of Kuwait city to destinations like Frankfurt, London or Paris. In comparison to Emirates, Etihad or Qatar, Kuwait Airways is a rather small airline with a fleet of "just" 30 aircraft. Today, the Airbus A300 is no part of the fleet anymore - flights are operated by Airbus A320neo, A330-800neo or Boeing 777-300ER aircraft instead. 


Middle East Airlines

National airline of Lebanon, operates a hub in Beirut. Like Kuwait Airways, MEA is one of the smaller middle eastern airlines. It operates just 22 aircraft:

  • 10 Airbus A320-200

  • 7 Airbus A321Neo

  • 5 Airbus A330-200

Out of Frankfurt, the Skyteam member operates a daily flight to Beirut.


Middle East Airlines

National airline of Saudi Arabia. Operates both - passenger and cargo flights from Frankfurt to Riadh and Jeddah. Member of Skyteam alliance.


Royal Air Maroc

National airline of Morocco, member of Oneworld alliance. Operates a fleet of 60 aircraft. including ATR 72s, Embraer E190s, Boeing 737s and Boeing 787 Dreamliners. From Frankfurt, Royal Air Maroc maintains a nonstop route to Casablanca.

Russia, Turkey, Greece and Eastern Europe


Air Bridge Cargo

Large Russian Cargo airline with destinations all over the world. Owned by Russian Volga Denepr Group. Operates a fleet of 18 Boeing 747-400ERF. 747-8F and Boeing 777F aircraft.

From Frankfurt, Moscow, Kazan, Krasnoyarsk, Milan and Atlanta are served on schedule.

North America 


Turkish Airlines

Flagcarrier and largest airline of Turkey. Operates a large intercontinental hub at Istanbul Ataturk/ New Istanbul Airport. In addition to that, the company maintains two more smaller hubs at Istanbul Sabiha Gökcen and Ankara Esenboga.  Turkish Airlines is famous for its service, especially for their inflight meals in cooperation with catering company Do&Co. Every aircraft has its own flying chef on board, who prepares and presents those meals. Turkish Airlines connects Frankfurt with multiple daily Istanbul flights. Some of them are operated by widebody aircraft.

Pegasus Airlines

Second largest Turkish airline, privateley owned. In contrast to Turkish Airlines, Pegasus is a low cost carrier which means you have to pay extra for additional services like bags, meals or drinks. Unlike many european Low Cost Airlines (e.g. Ryanair), Pegasus does not only offer nonstop, but also a lot of national and international connecting flights. Pegasus Hubs are: 

  • Istanbul Sabiha Gökcen

  • Izmir Adan Mendes

  • Ankara Esenboga

  • Antalya



Turkish Charter Airline, founded in 2000. Based in Antalya. Operates a fleet of 10 Airbus A320 aircraft. Operates no scheduled services, seats can only be booked as a part of package holidays. In the main season, Freebird connects multiple european airports with turkish holiday destinations. In the low season, some aircraft are wet leased to other airlines which need more capacity. (Often Asia, e.g. Bamboo Airways Vietnam)


Aegean Airlines

National airline of Greece, based in Athens. Largest airline of that country, serves a lot of inner-greek and inner-european destinations.

Like Turkish Airlines, Aegean is known for its good service (in comparison to other european airlines). Star Alliance member and Lufthansa partner. From Frankfurt Aegean operates following routes:

  • Frankfurt - Athens

  • Frankfurt - Thessaloniki

  • Frankfurt - Heraklion 

  • Frankfurt - Rhodos


Ukraine International

Ukrainan flag carrier, based in Kiew Boryspil. 

Lufthansa partner airline. Operates Boeing 737-800/900ER, Boeing 767-300ER, Boeing 777-200ER and Embraer ERJ 190/195 aircraft. The last 737 Classic have been retired in 2018. Ukraine Air International connects Frankfurt with Kiew multiple times a day. 


Bulgaria Air

Bulgarian national airline, based in Sofia. 

Small company which only has 9 aircraft in its fleet:

  • 2 Airbus A319s

  • 3 Airbus A320s

  • 4 Embraer E190s

They are all flying on scheduled services from Sofia to European Destinations like Frankfurt, Zurich and Vienna. Bulgaria Air also runs a charter airline called Bul Air, wich operates another 9 Boeing 737-300 aircraft. 


Lot Polish Airlines

National Airline of Poland, founded in 1928 in Warsaw. Operates a hub at Warsaw Chophin Airport and further focus cities in Katowice, Krakow and Budapest. Lot is a Lufthansa Partner and member of Star Alliance. With a fleet of almost 100 aircraft, LOT offers a lot of european and international destinations. From Frankfurt, Warsaw, Krakow and Katowice are served multiple times a day directly.


Croatia Airlines

National Airline of Croatia, based in Zagreb. While most flights are operated from there (including 3 daily connections to FRA), the airline also shows some presence in Dubrovnik, Split and Zadar. Croatia Airlines is a very small airline, operating just as few as 13 aircraft:

  • 5 Airbus A319-100s

  • 2 Airbus A320-200s

  • 6 Bombardier Dash8 Q400