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Celebrating the passion of pictures - since 2015.

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Welcome to the main gallery of LS Pictures.

Here you will find multiple impressions of aircraft, airports and aviation from different spots, mainly located in Europe. This is the home for aviation enthusiasts. Meet the iconic Lufthansa 747s in Frankfurt, explore historic Air Berlin or travel to Madrid in a LATAM Dreamliner. 


Immerse into the beating heart of different urban spots on this planet. Stroll through traditional villages, cities or large metropols. View Lake Constance, take a canal ride in Venice, discover Bilbao, enjoy the view from Burj Khalifa or simply enjoy the streets of Stuttgart. This gallery tries to capture everything, how people live, work and change landmarks. 


Here you will find everything, which doesnt fit into Urban or Aviation gallery. It contains nature impressions, countryside panoramas, wildlife images, classic and modern cars, digital art and more. Mixed but well selected.

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